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What You Need To Consider Before Power Coating Over An Existing Coating

E-coating and powder coating are processes for finishing that make use of electricity to create a protective layer to the exterior of an object. Both processes produce a uniform and cured finish, however the final product is where the similarities end. For more information about  brake caliper powder coating thousand oaks , you can explore this link

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What  You  Need To Consider Before  Power  Coating Over  An Existing  Coating

To be capable of applying a powder coating to an existing coating, the coating itself must be able to endure extreme temperatures typically powder coatings cure between 250-400 degrees Fahrenheit. So the coating underneath and even itself should be able to endure a high temperature, in order for the powder to be baked.

You’re looking to completely recoat your product due to the way that powder coating functions it is not possible to fix any spots on the product , but instead will have to coat the entire item to make use of powder coating for a method

You’re ok with a thick build The coatings that are powder-coated generally have at least two mil build. However, for better performance, it’s more usual to have a 6- to 10 mil build on the surface of the product.

There isn’t a scratching of rust that penetrates the coating underneath. Like liquid coatings powder coatings, it is recommended to be applied on a rust-free substrate.