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What Is A SharePoint Health Analyzer?

Sep 11, 2021 Main

SharePoint Health Analyzer is a feature in SharePoint 2010 that allows administrators to schedule automatic and regular reviews for potential server farm configuration, performance, and usage issues. Any flaws that SharePoint Health Analyzer recognizes are identified in the status reports provided to farm administrators in central administration.

The status report generated by the SharePoint Health Analyzer at describes each issue, lists the server experiencing the problem, and outlines the steps the administrator can take to troubleshoot the issue. In some cases, errors are fixed automatically as soon as they are detected and farm administrators are notified of the fix.

SharePoint health check: Auditing SharePoint - Rencore

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The health analyzer has a number of rules that it monitors. It displays a warning when the performance counter exceeds the limit set by the rule.


Microsoft seems to provide a useful and informative name for the standard rules.


Each rule can be scheduled to run hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, or OnDemandOnly.


This checkbox allows you to temporarily disable a rule without clearing its definition. I’m not going to delete an existing rule; just turn it off.

Automatic troubleshooting:

You can ask SharePoint to try to fix errors automatically.

The SharePoint Central Administration home page alerts you when rules are violated.

Health Report:

When a health policy is running, SharePoint Health Analyzer generates a status report and adds it to the Health Analyzer report list in the Central Administration Monitoring section. The default view of this list only shows items that failed the last status check. You can view archived reports by clicking Overview of Problems and Solutions under Health Analysis in the Central Administration Monitoring section.