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Vivint Smart Locks for the 21st Century Homeowners

Did you ever go out for dinner with friends or to see a movie and then second-guess yourself about locking your door? You might have been lying in bed, drifting off to sleep, and suddenly woke up wondering if you had locked the door. Are you a victim of lost keys, theft, or a need to replace locks?

Perhaps you have experienced like many others a time where the door was locked, you were outside and the door shut; locking you out of your house. It is possible that you had to break into your home or wait for someone to give you keys. If any of the above situations have occurred or could occur, you live in the past when keys were important.

Modern technology gives us more control over our homes' entrances. Vivint smart lock eliminates the need for keys. These locks can be controlled via a dial pad, which can be accessed from any smartphone. This basically means that you can access your home from anywhere you are as long as there is the internet.

While you can lock and unlock all your doors while lying in bed, it is possible to go out for dinner. Just reach for your phone and give a command to lock the door. You can even lock the door by reaching your phone and giving a command. You have the most control, and you are the only one who can give codes to others to allow them to enter your house.

They cannot be duplicated, and you can simply change the code if someone learns the code. You can program your smart lock to notify you of new entrants by programming your phone. You can give different codes to your family members, such as your children. This allows you to monitor who enters your home from your bedroom, or even while you're at work. This system allows you to move beyond the past into the future of technology.

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