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Types of Home Care Services

Personal Care

Personal care can be a broad topic because it covers all privately at home takes a patient needs help with.

home care services, including laundry, housekeeping, and food preparation as part of personal care. Housekeeping is light dust and dust and wipes down the bathroom for cleanliness.

Home maintenance personnel will arrive in the morning and help patients to shower and wash her hair. You can get the best  rest homes to care service in Wellington for your elders

It could be time for therapy if the patient can get into the tub, it will be a nice change from a sponge bath in the hospital.

It is important that patients have at least one warm meal a day that will include warm personal care, nutrition-balanced meal.

Usually, this is something that needs to be documented for the doctor to ensure that patients receive the kind of food that is necessary for recovery.

Management of Medication and Medical Issues

The most important work in the home care services possible that medication management. In situations with Alzheimer's or dementia, it is very important for a third party to administer drugs.

It also will include a call for a refill on a prescription pill container-based and ensure accurately filled week.

Another aspect of medical care is that of checking the incision site, wounds resulting from diabetes diagnosis, or wound bed even in the case of patients who are not able to change positions frequently.

It is also important to check and record the bladder and bowel movements of patients every day.

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