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Pallet Racking: The Key to a Flexible Warehouse

In basic warehouse systems, the layout of a storage area is what the facility has to work with for years. What it delivers on day one is the same years later. In many firms that operate to a 'just-in-time' ethos, flexibility is the name of the game.

However, over time, the sacrifices caused by an inflexible layout mean that production costs or storage capacity become much less than required, as operational needs grow and change. At this stage, the conclusion is often that a complete overhaul has to be undertaken.

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Freedom with an Adjustable System

Fortunately, there is another way: Adjustable Pallet Racking. By installing a system with this capability from day 1, there is the inherent flexibility in how the storage space can be organized and used. It allows managers to adjust the working environment in response to the latest demands for space utilization of their warehouse.

How do flexible racking systems work? The components of an adaptable storage system are engineered to cope with a variety of goods, meaning the performance of each section of the facility can be re-configured to suit the demands of different materials with varying load requirements.

Keep Your Storage Safe

The beams and (upright) frames are engineered from different section steel and to different box section size, so a wide range of performance can be produced. Whether a simple Add-on Bay or a full height pallet rack is required, the use of a system like this means that any requirement can be handled.