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Windows Vista Feature To Avoid Power Misuse

One of the significant features Microsoft introduced in Vista is the new power-saving mode. Windows XP has two power-saving modes, Standby, and Hibernate. Windows Vista replaced them with Sleep mode. Hibernate is still available as an advanced power setting, but the Sleep mode is the default one and has more advanced features.

While in sleep, the computer uses very less power for internal use. In notebooks, with the minimum power used during sleep mode, system goes to stand by mode and the state of the system is saved in the memory. You can find the best windows battery replacing services online.

windows battery replacement

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If battery power goes down to a critically low level, the system wakes for a very short time to save the needed information onto the hard drive and immediately goes to hibernate state.

In Desktop systems, the process is a little different. Here Microsoft Vista uses "hybrid sleep". In hybrid sleep, the state of the system is stored both in RAM and on disk, so that system can recover its state in case the power is lost.

In order to ensure that "off" worked effectively with this new model, instead of waiting for a green signal from each application on the computer, Windows Vista sent notice to each application, service, and device about the power-saving state and wait for a maximum of 2 seconds for them to finish up their current job and put themselves into a state from where they can continue when the system wakes up. Similarly, Windows Vista is very fast to come back from the sleep state.