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Leonora Cheese: Quality Spanish Goat Cheese

Leonora cheese is premium standard Spanish goat cheese that has an added lemon twist. It comes from a goat's milk that has been matured and aged over three months. It's named for its native region situated in Northern Spain, Leon. 

The natural rind of the cheese displays gray and white mold. The inside paste that makes up the cheese's rind is smooth, white, and firm. The rind imparts an intense flavor that gives a distinctive characteristic of the cheese.  Many online shops like provide the best quality cheese according to your needs.

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It is believed that the cheese played a significant role in the revival of Spanish cheese-making. Leonora cheese is shaped like the shape of a bread loaf or brick, rather than being a cheese. It's creamy, smooth, and simple to apply.

A Delectable cheese

The Lenora cheese has a spongy but dense texture that melts into your mouth, leaving the mouth with a smooth and slightly sharp, yet sweet and nutty taste. The cheese is famous for its sharp, nutty taste the cheese-lovers typically eat so large portions of this cheese alongside their favorite fruits. 

The good part about this is that it's not dry. This cheese can be used in virtually any food. Once you have tasted this wonderful cheese, you'll discover yourself wanting more. It is an extremely addictive cheese.

Unique Taste

It is Leonora cheese is a great sample of goat's-milk cheese that's not overly strong and not too soft. It's perfect for anyone's preferences. The new Leonora generally has a balanced smooth, creamy, and lactic flavor, and has an appealing, lemony-tangy taste. 

However, as it matures its flavor develops and it can be quite strong, especially portion that's right under the rind.