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Shared Web Hosting – Is It Beneficial For Your Business

Shared web hosting is very common in today's online world. There are unlimited web hosting service providers offering shared hosting and services that are generally beneficial to the personal blog sites and business websites. In general, you can specify the shared hosting as a service where a single server is shared by many sites.

Each website is allocated a separate partition/place on the server to remain distinct from other websites. While the key is that each site shares the common sufficient resources like storage space, server-connected CPU, and data transfer etc. It is generally a safe option and most reasonable for hosting as many site owners share the cost of the overall installation and management server.

Various types of hosting services

Currently, there are various types of shared web hosting features and services available provided by the hosting companies, for example, programming languages and database access. Two main types of shared hosting are;

• Linux-based web hosting

• Windows-based web hosting

There are several hosting providers to offer Windows-based shared hosting because its performance is much lower than a Linux based hosting server. On the other hand, Linux hosting is now considered the most popular and cheapest web hosting solutions across the country.

In Linux hosting, the server runs on cPanel that only runs under the Linux operating system. High-performance, flexibility, compatibility, reliability, and affordability are some of the key pieces of Linux-based hosting services. Generally, a good service package offers a minimum 150 GB of disk space and at least 2 GB of bandwidth with an uptime guarantee of 99.95%.