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Tag: Rhode island assisted living

Find Independent Living Before You Need Assisted Living

Many seniors feel there is no real reason to move into a senior living community unless they need the services and support of assisted living. Their thinking is that as long as they’re healthy and mobile, they should continue to live in their own homes. For these folks, a move into a senior living community seems like surrendering. 

There are thousands upon thousands of seniors in independent living communities who will happily dispel that line of thinking. You can also choose Rhode island assisted living via for your loving grandparent’s proper care.

Aside from health considerations, there are solid reasons to relocate before you actually need assisted living.

You lose the constant, nagging worries and the expense of home maintenance.

Take a look around your home. Is everything in good repair, or are there small signs of neglect and deterioration? If you see those signs, that may mean you no longer have the desire or the energy to keep your home in tip-top shape. Perhaps it’s time to move before your home investment begins to lose value. And a big plus…housekeeping is also included or available in independent living communities.

Everyday transportation challenges are overcome.

Maybe your driving isn’t quite what it used to be. Or maybe you’ve found yourself spending longer in the car to get to the grocery store and pharmacy and the places where you can buy things that are essential to your lifestyle. 

Either way, an independent living community can radically shrink the distances you have to travel. Most communities either furnish their own transportation or are contracted with a local transportation company. Many facilities also offer onsite canteen-like stores as well as beauty and barbershops.