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Tag: Residential Storm Drainage

The Importance Of Residential Storm Drainage

Rainwater is the term used for the rain that falls on the floor and sometimes it includes melted snow. Rainwater, if not managed properly, is likely to ring the bell of the health, safety, and environmental concerns. 

What is the residential storm drainage?

It is a series of pipes buried under your house designed to catch and contain excessive water, especially when it rains. It usually consists of foundation drainage pipes mixed layers of gravel. You can also contact drain companies such as Fonda Structure- French residential drain experts (also called as Fonda Structure- experts en drain franais rsidentiel in the French language) for such circumstances.

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What are the benefits of having storm-water drainage in residential?

Rainwater is available in varying quantities, sometimes too much for sewer systems to contain. If this happens, it will result in a multitude of problems for the community. So here is a list of benefits:

Protects your landscape, garden, and lawns.

Too much water in your garden or lawn could lead to some plant diseases. All your hard work, holding your precious flowers and shrubs all be wiped on a rainy day. Thus, it is important to have proper residential storm drainage in the landscape so that excess water is channeled away from your garden.

Protects the structure of your home.

Impervious surfaces like your driveway, garage, and terrace do not have the ability to absorb and store water. In the event of rain or snow, water could weaken and erode the base of your structure. This is an immediate concern for the safety of your family. Having a series of pipes embedded in your driveway or patio prevent the disaster from unfolding in the future.