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About Narwhal Dip Pen

A piece of writing instrument that is made up of only two pieces may seem quite simple and easy to use. But before taking some Narwhal pen you may also have a chance to understand it. There are some tips that you should keep in mind when you think of buying and using a Narwhal pen.

The majority of calligraphers choose to use a metal dip pen that is, say, a fountain pen. Narwhal pen at that time were too messy and inconvenient to refill

Narwhal pen

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In fact, the dip pen can be recharged with ink from a paintbrush, eye-dropper, or syringe, which ensures that you have good control of the ink flow. While connecting the nib to the pen holder, you should push the nib in firmly so that the narwhal dip pen does not move while you are writing. 

The nib should be securely seated between the metal parts inside the pen holder and its outer cover. A little word of caution about pen nib sizes. Although they can all range in size from zero to six, some manufacturers have made their smallest size a size six and the number has declined. 

Most other manufacturers increase the number size as the pen nib increases. Many nibs have a thin layer of oil applied to them to protect them from infection and failing to remove this oil will affect the quality of your work.