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Why Hen Runs Are Important?

Although hens can be aggressive scratchers, they are good at keeping your garden free from weeds. You don't have to worry about them destroying a few plants and making a mess. Hens also love green vegetables and will poop wherever you walk. It might be time to give them a chicken run. You can also search online to buy the best quality hen runs for sale in Ireland.

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A chicken run can be as simple as a chicken wire run, with a few posts or upright pigtails purchased at your local farm shop. This is a good idea if your property is large and you need to move your chickens around. A good alternative is to make your fence electric. 

This helps keep unwanted pests out, such as cats and dogs. Remember that your hens will need to be shaded from the sun when moving around. It is a good idea for them to use a portable coop if you choose this option. If you don't mind the birds laying, it is okay for them to go outside at night if they are safe from predators.

When you dedicate a space for your hens, make sure they have a shaded spot and are out of reach of predators. Nesting boxes are necessary if your hens want to lay eggs. They will love routine so if you put your hens to bed and feed them at the same times each day, they will be happier and lay more eggs.