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Who Needs Pyrotechnics Insurance?

Pyrotechnics Insurance offers a range of insurance coverage protecting fire events that organize fireworks events whether large and small. Are you planning fireworks for bonfire night, new year celebration or other private parties, weddings or public events?

A full array of insurance is required for individuals or big organizations, covering nothing to do with pyrotechnics, including outdoor and indoor pyrotechnics. Also special effects, bonfires and other work-related activities such as sound and light. You can find the pyrotechnics insurance via

pyrotechnics insurance

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It is recommended that anyone organizing an event involving fireworks has the appropriate insurance policy. These policies meet everyone, from schools and sports clubs for large community organizations and businesses.

Pyrotechnics insurance can be purchased for bonfire nights and other events throughout the year involving fireworks.

What is covered by insurance for the fireworks?

Liability insurance provides coverage for your legal liability to pay damages, the applicants' costs and expenses arising as a result of and in connection with the event.

The employer's liability insurance covers you for legal liability to pay damages, costs and expenses of applicants that arise after you use someone at an event, including both paid or not. However, it has no responsibility in respect of Road Traffic Accident (RTA) related incidents.