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Tag: Prevent Hammertoe

How You Can Treat and Prevent Hammertoe?

Although the term "hammertoe" sounds a bit ominous, it is actually another name for a bent toe. This is a bent toe due to a bend at the middle joint.

Although hammertoes can also be caused by arthritis and genetics, most cases are due to poor-fitting shoes. These shoes don't fit well and force your toes to bend or be in an abnormal position. Hammertoe can affect all toes but it's most common to affect the smaller toes.

You can see that the best way to prevent hammertoe is by wearing shoes that fit properly. You can also look for the best treatment of contracted toes in Towson by consulting a podiatrist.

Hammer Toe Splint Types and Benefits

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Pain is the most important factor in dealing with hammertoe conditions. If your bent toe isn't bothering you or causing you pain, it's not worth worrying about. A surgical solution is not necessary for the other aspects of the toe.

If you are experiencing severe pain that limits mobility or is too severe to allow you to wear properly fitted shoes, your doctor may recommend other options or surgical procedures.

Your doctor will examine your toes for flexibility before you decide whether or not to have surgery. Your doctor might recommend that you wear an insert (orthotics), or a shoe with a certain type of heel to reposition your toe.

You can take preventative steps such as:

  • Avoid shoes that have narrow toes or high heels.
  • Shoes with adjustment functionality or laces
  • Shoes that aren't breathable (vinyl, plastics) should be avoided
  • Try on shoes and buy them later in the afternoon if your feet are larger
  • when shopping for shoes, make sure to measure both your feet.