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Tag: Pothole Repair

Cold Mix Asphalt: Essentials You Need to Know

Asphalt is a mixture of sand and stone particles mixed with liquid asphalt binder, a substance consisting of organic polymers. This binder is made of long-chain polymers that are mixed with water. 

When the mix is shaken or driven, the asphalt is placed in a “cold mix” machine. The machine puts the mix into a vibrating chamber to make it more fluid, and because it has been emulsified, mixes it evenly with the aggregates. Plus, you can use water instead of chemical surfactants, making your job easier and cheaper! You can also buy cold mix asphalt from

What Is Cold Mix Asphalt?

Cold mix asphalt is a type of asphalt that is made from a mixture of bitumen and gravel. It is used most often in cold climates, where it is less prone to cracking.

What are the Advantages of Cold Mix Asphalt?

The main advantage of using cold mix asphalt is that it is less prone to cracking. This makes it a good choice for roads in cold climates, where cracks can lead to dangerous traffic conditions. Additionally, cold mix asphalt is less expensive than other types of asphalt, which can make it a more affordable option for municipalities.

Why Cold Mix Asphalt Is Used

One of the main reasons cold mix asphalt is used is because it can be applied at a lower temperature. This allows the mixture to be more easily handled and applied, which in turn reduces the amount of time needed to install the asphalt. Additionally, cold mix asphalt can be applied at night, which can save time and energy during peak traffic hours.