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How Shading Can Limit Solar Efficiency

If you've made the decision to use solar energy, then you're probably in process of making sure your roof is solar-ready. You will systematically go through inspections done by a solar panel installer to determine the health of your roof. If you need to install the solar panel at your home you probably need to consult a solar panel installer or you can also consult Solar My Home Wa.

Here are the ways you can help limit shading on your system:

1. Bypass Diodes

2. Panel Orientation

3. Designing around obstacles

4. Microinverters

5. Trim nearby plantation

Solar panel installation

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Bypass Diodes:

Bypass diodes can be connected to the cells of your solar panels and will limit the power loss to the shaded areas instead of the entire system. The final output is still decreased as compared to a system that receives no shading.

Panel Orientation:

Solar panels can be the source of shadings if they are not installed at the right orientation. To prevent this from happening, installers usually give 5-10 meters of tilt to the row in the back. 

Designing Around Obstacles:

While you are inspecting your roof for solar installation, be sure to discuss these obstacles with the installers. 


Microinverters are relatively new to the world of solar energy. Instead of one large inverter connected to your entire system, your system will have several microinverters connected to each solar panel in the array. 

Trim Nearby Plantation:

To limit the shading on your system the one should not forget to trim the nearby plantations. Or you can also install a solar panel a level high so that plants do not cover the sunlight to fall on the surface of the panel anymore.