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A Look At Buying Individual Health Insurance in Virginia

While many people have insurance through their company, there are many Americans who can only purchase individual health insurance. Companies are starting to pass large amounts of the insurance costs on to their employees. It is a good idea to compare the coverage and prices of different insurance companies before you buy this type of insurance. 

Non-profit websites will ask you a few questions about you and your family. Then, they'll give you a list with the plans available in your state. There are many things that a company's plan provides that an individual should look at before deciding to switch from a company-sponsored single health assurance plan in Virginia to a private one. 

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These items are not included in an individual plan. You and your co-workers must all be eligible for company insurance coverage, regardless of any medical conditions. If you are ill, your health insurance cannot be cancelled. The law provides that a worker who is laid off can purchase an extension to his company's health insurance for a minimum of 18 months.

The waiting period for any health problems that the person has had to deal with at another company must be reduced if he was covered by insurance. If the waiting period was six months and he had worked twelve consecutive months at his previous job, his new job policy would cover him immediately.

You should not cancel your company's insurance if you want to change from your company's company health insurance to a personal insurance plan. Only then can you be sure that the new company has accepted you.