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Reasons to Use a Peelable Paint Booth Coating

Keeping your spray booth clean is a difficult, messy and time-consuming task. So much so that most paint shops give in to the battle and let the overspray build-up. But there is a simple solution to keeping your booth in `like-new` condition – use a peelable paint booth coating.

It will give you a superior paint finish for your clients and cut down on labor time in the long-term. You can visit to get information about the besttable top paint booth manufacturers in CA.

How peelable coating spray booth work?

A peelable spray booth coating is a liquid spray-on treatment that dries to form a protective film. You apply it to clean booth walls and floors with a spray gun, brush or roller. After leaving it to dry for 2-3 hours, the booth is ready to use. When paint builds up, add another layer of protective coating.You can do this up to 10 times before peeling the film off and start again.

Why use a coat of paint booth peelable?

Your paint finish will be better

When the overspray accumulates in the walls of your booth, paint dust into the air and contaminate your paint job.

You will save on labor costs and production time

Rub the booth walls by hand are time-consuming and slow down production time. Instead, take your spray gun, apply a coat and peeled off after 10 applications.

It increases the visibility

Recoating with peelable spray allows you to maintain a white cubicle walls, provide the best visibility for measuring the quality of work colored spray.