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The Role of an Oracle Database Administrator (DBA)

Large business organizations have large data to manage and manipulate data regularly. A data repository, where they store and retrieve information that is dedicated to the company called database. The database of organizers is a growing problem in today's industry and database administrators play a very important role in the efficient use of business applications of business organizations that depend on the database.  The best oracle implementation consultant will help in your business to manage your database.

Database administrator to perform the task of managing the environmental aspects of the data and the tables of the database. While the largest agency employs a team of database administrators, who is the qualified database administrator of one or two smaller ones that work for them.

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Below is a bulleted list of important functions of the administrator's oracle for business organizations:

• Disaster management: the database architect should be highly trained to avoid and prevent any type of disaster data is an important asset of the company. In the event of a major failure, you should be able to recover the catastrophe without much loss for the company, for example, by maintaining a regular backup.

• Database analysis: you must ensure that the database provides optimal performance and increases profit margins for the business. It is your job to configure the hardware and install and update the software when necessary.

• Ensure security and cost savings: cost and security are two important properties of a company. Oracle administrators play an important role in ensuring database security through the use of advanced monitoring tools. Audit and track work on large-scale database management.

For large business organizations, such as the left-hand Oracle administrator, whose function has short-term effects and long-term business. Database administrators considered providing additional support to increase profits.