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Tag: Olexi Border Rug

Essential Points To Consider When Buying A Border Rug

If you go around the internet, you’ll discover a variety of online retailers that sell area rugs in a variety of colors, materials, and sizes. The options might become so overwhelming that you lose sight of the forest for the trees. A good border rug may be an expensive investment that will add value to your area, so think about a few things before buying.

What will be the location of the rug?

Probably the most crucial aspect of all. A rug that looks great in a hallway or living room might not work in a bedroom or bathroom. While soft, sumptuous carpets are ideal for the bedroom, hallways frequently require more durable, easy-to-clean rugs. The style of the space should be reflected in the carpeting.

What kind of rug do you have?

There is a wide variety of materials available. Wool, cotton, skins, paper, grass, and bamboo synthetics are ordinary. Bamboo, paper, and grass carpets have an organic aspect, and the neutral colors will provide an essential charm to the space. While not to everyone’s taste, Hide rugs are incredibly comfortable to walk on. Leopard and tiger pattern cowhides make a bold statement in your house and add a touch of kitsch. Superb for a boudoir or a bedroom! Leather and suede rugs have a macho look to them, and they are incredibly hardwearing with some beautiful textures, making them a true style statement in the appropriate setting.

Color and design

If at all feasible, arrange your space around a theme. Although rugs are sometimes the last thing to be added, they should ideally be planned from the beginning. There are several traditional design styles to choose from it. Low clutter, whites, and neutral colors characterize minimalist themes. A big shaggy rug may provide an exciting contrast while remaining true to the room’s decor. Dark colors like red, purple, green, and gold are used with splashes of bright colors like red, purple, green, and gold. A beautiful dark red or brown wool rug would look great in this room. The line between tacky and tasteful is often blurred for kitsch or vintage: browns and greens, unusual, quirky retro objects. A leopard print cowhide rug looks great in this room.

Various rugs for various rooms

The purpose of the area should be reflected in the carpeting. Bedrooms and living areas benefit from luxurious wool carpets. Brightly colored carpets are trendy in children’s rooms and nurseries. Bathrooms benefit from sisal rugs, which may also be used as a drying mat next to the bath. Leather and suede carpets look excellent in modern offices and have a high price tag to match.

Is the rug going to become wet?

Back doors, kitchens, and bathrooms are all possible damp locations for carpeting. Most rugs will not be harmed in this way, although wet wool carpets can get matted and filthy. Rugs made of sisal and bamboo are ideal for damp areas.

Final words

It is especially critical if you have children or pets. Cleaning border rugs is considerably easier than cleaning others, and some fabrics are stain-resistant, while others are just highly durable. It’s a good idea to do some research before purchasing.