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Tag: nutritious food

Fun Healthy Kids’ Snacks – In Between Meals

Many companies that claim to be suitable for children try to offer snacks that are fun and healthy for children. But for mothers healthy eating is not just business – we want to make sure that the food our children eat is nutritious and delicious. You can look for healthy snacks at for your children.

Usually, the attraction lies in serving food, not the food itself, especially if you have picky children. Awake your child's curiosity by serving them with different shapes and types of snacks made up of vegetables. 

To feed your children you can add some nuts and pretzels, banana chips, and even popcorn in their regular diet. Mix yogurt with a few pears or bananas for an instant breakfast drink as yogurt is calcium-fortified – very good for your child's developing bones.

Sandwiches are more fun and more interesting if they have different shapes. Take some cookie cutters and cut them. You will be surprised that your children will eat homemade chicken sandwiches without complaining. 

Fruit juice should always be served cold and fruit salads function just as a child does not want. But try to put the cream on top and serve it frozen that child will always love it.

Whether your child is picky or not, there is no harm in letting your imagination run wild when you prepare healthy snacks for your children.