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Matcha Green Tea – A Different Kind Of Tea

More and more people learn why Japan has known for centuries: to get full benefits of green tea plants – maximum healthy impact – you have to use the best leaves and consume nutrition throughout the leaves. That's exactly what you get with Matcha. This is definitely not your average green tea.

What is Matcha?

This Japanese tea has been known for centuries for its nature which increases energy, focusing of mind, and metabolism. This is a high-quality shape powder, choose Japanese green tea leaves that are grown. So, when you consume powdered Matcha, you actually consume the whole leaves rather than water infused with tea. You can also buy tea matcha from SuperTea Garden by searching online.

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Benefits of Matcha

• Proven to have anti-virus and antibiotic properties, which help digestion to kill harmful bacteria and help prevent colds and flu.

• This increases your mental and sharpness awareness.

• This contains high vitamin C, fluoride, and chlorophyll content, including vitamins and minerals.

• Naturally sugar-free, it is the ideal drink for diabetics and others who want to reduce their sugar intake.

Why drink matcha?

As you can see, drinking Matcha can cause many health benefits. Because you consume all leaves, you get a drink about 10 times stronger than green tea which is brewed regularly.

You can even search online for more information about tea matcha.