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What Are Ranking Chargers?

There are always going to be instances where you'll require charging your phone, but don't have the charger that comes with it in your pocket. And Apple hasn't included a charging block on new iPhone ranges. (though you will still receive the Lightning cable with the package).

You can connect any charger to your phone to power it up, and especially since the majority of phones have the same USB-C wireless charging standards. But you need to buy specific chargers for your iphones that are faster. If you’re looking for a magsafe wireless charger, you can find them via online websites.

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Ranking Chargers

The most popular information you'll see on chargers is Watts (W)–essentially the amount of energy that the charger is able to push towards your phone at a time. Laptops and tablets will usually feature chargers with more W because they have larger batteries to be filled.

The speed at which your phone can go from 0 to 100 when it comes to battery capacity depends on both the power coming from the charger as well as the maximum amount of watts your phone is able to handle (which you ought to be able to figure out by doing a quick search on the internet). The latest iPhone 12, for example, is able to handle as much as 20W.

If you decide to purchase an official charger 20W from Apple it will recharge your iPhone 12 times faster than the standard 5-W charger sold by Apple.

It's the same for laptop ports too. The latest MacBook Pros can produce 10 watts of power through their USB-C and Thunderbolt ports. This means that they can beat chargers with 5-W however they aren't as powerful as 20-W models.