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Tag: low voltage equipment

Know About Some Common Low Voltage Equipment

Handheld power tools, telephone systems, computer networks, lighting circuits, and electrical outlets depend on upstream switches for the safe supply of electricity.

Switchgear is nearly invisible to most of us, interacting directly with utility power supplies. And yet these incredibly important forms of low-voltage equipment are so sophisticated today that one manufacturer uses 50 pages of text to explain them. There are contactors, motor starters, and load-break switches, to name a few, but the best known switchgear names are fuses and circuit breakers.

It is difficult to obtain definitive market information on contactors, low voltage equipment, but you can measure their size by doing an online search. If you’re looking for household contactors  then visit Geya.

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There are a plethora of companies selling detailed market analysis for several thousand pounds, but one suspects that those who can afford those prices are manufacturers and suppliers on the market itself. A world-class manufacturer whose electrical product line includes a wide range of switchgear has revenues in the billions. It has a complete division dedicated to this sector of the market.

It's not much of a challenge to imagine the size of this low-voltage equipment industry when you consider how universal the need for switchgear is. The fuses and circuit breakers that we see in our home are just the tip of the iceberg. In no particular order, there are low voltage systems, smart building controls, connecting devices, cable distribution cabinets, industrial plugs and sockets, power quality products and yes, circuit breakers, fuses and switches. In its own way, low voltage equipment must be totally reliable under all circumstances.