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Home Interior Design Ideas to Make It Pet-friendly

Pets are an integral part of our lives and homes and so they should feel equally welcome in the house. The little furballs are loved by their owners.

So if you are a dog or cat person already or want to adopt any of these furry friends any time soon, there are some interior design changes that can turn out to be a blessing for your home. Here are some home interior design ideas to make your home pet-friendly. You can also hire Home Renovation & Interior Design Specialists in Auckland online.

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Use fur-free upholstery

Having a dog or a cat or both can cause some serious fur problems. You should avoid using all fabrics and materials that act as magnets to pet furs like velvet, silk, chenille, mohair, velour, or corduroy. Instead, invest in quality textiles like leather and smooth tapestries that can withstand frequent claw attacks. It is also a great home interior design idea to choose fabrics matching your pets' furs.

Keep Pet-friendly furniture

Pets find furniture to be their best past-time teething toys. And those dents and scratches can give a bad look to your furnishings. So you may choose to go for metal and chrome furniture which will be comparatively resistant to serious damage by their teeth or claws.

Stain-resistant flooring

Pets tend to spend a large amount of time on floors- eating, scratching and often times peeing and pooping too. Hardwood floors can develop tough stains that won't wash away easily, causing permanent damage.