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Tag: homemade chicken feeder

Information Regarding Chicken Coop

If you have taken an interest in raising chickens and are ready to build a coop, I have some information which I hope will be helpful in making your decision and, hopefully, save you some money as well. There are many different chicken coop designs available, depending on your needs.

There are also a lot of choices for materials that can be used to build a chicken coop. PVC pipes, tarps, converted old campers, and the list goes on. Wood is the most commonly used material for building chicken coops.

You can visit this site if you want to know more about a chicken coop.

A Simple Guide to Building Your Own DIY Chicken Feeder

Depending on the size of the coop you're planning to build, it can get expensive to buy new lumber. After doing some research, I found some second-hand stores where I could get used lumber, which was a fraction of what it would cost new. These types of stores basically get donated wood from people who are tearing down old houses, buildings, etc. and are sprouting up.

There are even used appliances, old tubs and sinks, light fixtures, hardware, and everything you'll need for building a great coop. Just be prepared to pull out some nails and be creative in how you construct it since most of the wood will simply not come in the standard sizes you'll find in the store.