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Tag: greenhouse computers

The Value Of Good Greenhouse Control

Greenhouse environments meet different challenges for good control. Temperature variations occur rapidly and vary greatly depending on the levels of solar radiation, outdoor temperature and the rate of humidity, speed, and wind direction, the amount of plant material in the greenhouse, watering routines, etc. Good control of this dynamic environment is difficult, but using greenhouse computers systems can solve the problems.

Ultimately, the goal of all greenhouse systems is to reduce the entry cost per unit of production and to maintain or improve the quality of production. While some investments change the cost of entry and/or quality of one or two specific tasks. Growers install control systems to experience real advantages that result in improved control.

Better coordination of equipment and more precise control of fuel can reduce heating and electricity costs. Savings vary depending on how you already manage your environment and the controls that you buy.

Automated controls increase worker productivity by allowing them to participate in more useful tasks. Increased production reduces pressure for more work.

Perhaps the most important function of good control systems is additional information to managers and producers to make better management decisions and to spend more time maintaining the process instead of being or doing the process.