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Tips For Long-Term Grain Storage

To maximize the sale of your crop, you might require storing it until the summer months, and perhaps throughout the year. To do this it is necessary to ensure that it is stored properly. If you don’t, then it becomes damaged it is necessary to sell your crop before it’s prepared.

To maximize the value of your crop, you might require storing it until the summer months, and perhaps for the following year. You can buy good-quality grain storage bin for the storage of your grains properly.

To do this it is necessary to properly store it. If you don’t do this and it gets damaged then you might have to sell corn before you’re ready.

The condition of the corn at the time you pick it will determine the quality of it going to be stored. “If you’re thinking about long-term storage, it’s advised to begin with good quality, mature corn.

The maximum allowed storage life graph shows the length of time that corn with different moisture levels can be kept at various temperatures. To store it for a long time it is necessary to dry the grain to a lower level of moisture.

Correctly distributing fines using the grain spreader, or by doing repeated coring can help to improve the airflow. A grain spreader is employed on bins less than 48 feet to distribute fines.

When you’re adjusting the temperature of the grain during the fall months until you know the grain’s handling inside the bins, the grain needs to be checked every week. Once you enter the winter cold the grain will stabilize and periodic checks every two weeks are sufficient.