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Warhammer 40k – A Game Which Stimulates Your Mind and Imagination

In a time where computer games and consoles play a big part in shaping the childhood of the modern generation, traditional games that stimulate creativity, patience, and long-term strategic thinking becomes harder and harder to find.

There is one match, however, that stands out from the others and stimulates the minds of those involved in it. This is known as Warhammer 40k or 40k only. You can also look for game workshops online at

Warhammer 40K is miniature tabletop war games that test skills of patience and strategic players while allowing them to express their creativity in collecting and painting their army. Warhammer 40K table games, however, is not a new player in the gaming business. In fact, has existed since the 1980s.

It was produced in 1987 by Games Workshop and has since developed into a worldwide sensation it is today. The brain and the creative talent behind the unique futuristic design of Warhammer 40k is Rick Priestley.

Set in a sci-fi space fantasy world where inter-travel is possible, Warhammer 40k involving 11 races include the Imperium of Man, futuristic product of human evolution, and alien invaders that will not cease to destroy humanity.

Warhammer 40k miniatures wargaming tables work by allowing the player to build his own army of soldiers, weapons, and engines. The unique concept of the game 40k table is that it allows players to feel the whole process of creating an army by allowing players to assemble, customize and paint their own army.