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A Guide To Buying Fish and Seafood In Connecticut

The best way to check if the seafood you are buying is fresh or not is to press it with your finger, the flesh will come back and leave no marks. It should smell like the ocean, a little like ozone, and definitely not like FISH.

The reason seafood has such a long shelf life in supermarkets is that air has been pumped into these little sealed containers, air with the same elements calibrated in different proportions that prevent fish from doing so, coming out once. You can also click here to get more information about online seafood ordering.

Once these containers are opened, the fish will start to rot more quickly. In addition to whole fish and seafood, you may find fillets, steaks, and meats on the fishing line. It's a good idea to ask the assistant when the fish was caught/brought in. 

Remember that fish with protruding heads are covered in ice. This is an old trick used to cover up old products. Have them take it out so you can see the fish properly. 

if fillets are offered, especially sole or flounder fillets, check the meat for yellowing; This is another sign of a fish standing up and of course asking you to smell it.

Fortunately, now that the internet has grown rapidly, buying seafood online has never been easier. There are many special little places where you can buy not only fresh fish and seafood but also delicacies. They deliver excellent seafood, fresh in a chilled box, frozen or vacuum-packed.