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Current Ferrari Models and Their Characteristics

Ferrari 458 Italia is the expression of the most advanced concepts of sportsmanship, is an eight-cylinder supercar newest and it is the essence complete what should be a Ferrari: electricity, extreme technology, pure driving pleasure. You can also surf internet to know more about Ferrari 0-60 times.

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458 Italia confirms new philosophy: lighter, faster, but more environmentally friendly. Created to be more extreme than the F430 is successful, Italy does not sacrifice the pleasure of driving in traffic or at low speeds.

458 Italia built using the most advanced engine, chassis and aerodynamics technology ever developed by Ferrari, a feature that was partly because working with the F1 team to combine outstanding performance with reduced consumption and emissions.

Ferrari California is a bold addition to the Ferrari range: eight-cylinder models with a tour of great authority.

Ferrari California is a model of charm, exclusivity and performance may attract people who have not been approached Ferrari and interested in a "grand touring" type of vehicle.

Ferrari California is powered by a new 4300 cc V8 engine, fitted for the first time in the history of the tent in front of the middle position, and run from 0 to 60 mph in less than 4.0 seconds.

New three-layer color and bi-color solutions for the exterior and new leather and fabric for interiors are some of the latest personalization options are now available for the Ferrari California.