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Corrective Eye Surgery For Lazy Eye

Lazy eye, or amblyopia, is a condition in which the vision is reduced in one or both eyes. Usually, there are two categories for the amblyopia i.e. amblyopia and toxic amblyopia. The former is more common in children whose eyes are not properly lined up, which is a condition called strabismus. 

In the lazy eye, the brain works to prevent vision in one eye while the other eye does all the work. Some symptoms can be very obvious like the eyes may be mismatched, or can not see in the same direction.

To overcome these conditions, there are various treatments provided by drdorioeyecarecenter that pay immediate attention to correct the misalignment of the eyes. Corrective eyewear or eye patching can help to overcome this problem. 

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Patching power helps in developing the vision binoculars. Other treatments that are found to be effective is to use eye drops. One drop can be placed on a good eye every day. This decreases the blurring of vision in both eyes and helps the other eye to strengthen their visual abilities. 

One advantage of using drops is that it does not require constant vigilance, especially when you are dealing with a child who may be worried about wearing the patch. However, some people still go for corrective surgery for treatment. Surgery is considered the best treatment for children’s corrective amblyopic fundamental physical problems such as strabismus. 

The surgical procedures such as Lasik surgery can improve muscle disorder that causes strabismus. The end result is that the focus of the eyes increases resulting in better vision. Surgery alone can not improve the habit of using only one eye. In order to resolve this problem, the brain must learn to use both eyes.