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Guide To Different Types of Swimming Pool Covers in the UK

Swimming pool covers are a must-have for pool owners who want to make their lives easier. They keep your pool clean when you close it for the winter. Meaning easier cleanup, and less work when it’s time to open your pool. And while the main purpose of swimming pool covers is to shield your water from debris, that’s not all they do.

Automatic pool covers reduce chemical consumption, decrease water loss, improve heat retention, and allow for more efficient filtration. And that doesn’t include the features unique to each type of pool cover.

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So if you’re interested in learning about the different types of pool covers and how to choose the best one, keep reading.

Types of swimming pool covers

Depending on your reasons for getting a pool cover, certain options may suit you better than others. While some covers are made for providing a simple barrier between the surface and your water, other covers offer impenetrable shielding against unwanted contaminants and a seal so strong that you can walk across it.

So let’s learn more about the different types of pool covers.

  • Automatic Safety Pool Covers

Automatic Pool Covers adopt the benefits of whatever material they’re made from. So if you decide on an automatic mesh cover, you’d have easy draining and cleanup. And naturally, since automatic covers are automatically deployed, they come with one unique benefit.

Automatic covers are the easiest to apply and remove out of all the covers in this guide. No anchors, no water bags, no lifting. Just press a button and the cover unrolls. Press it again, and it retracts. All without touching the cover.

  • Winter Swimming Pool Covers

These are the covers that look like giant tarps. They sit on the surface of your pool water and stay secured by a series of water bags. As far as keeping debris out of your pool is concerned, they’re great. Especially since they’re made of a non-permeable solid material.

That said, winter covers cannot support large amounts of weight. That includes everything from heavy rainfall, to a wandering animal. For this reason, having some kind of fence or enclosure around your pool is a good idea.

As far as maintenance goes, expect to empty out excess water every now and then. For this, use a submersible pump or bucket. It’s also worth mentioning that winter pool covers are the most affordable pool cover of them all. So if your pool cover budget is limited, winter covers are a great solution.

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  • Mesh Safety Pool Covers

What winter covers lack, mesh safety covers make up for. They last twice as long, can support large amounts of weight, and stay in place with the help of durable, heavy-duty anchors.

Just like winter covers, mesh safety covers shield out all of the debris that would otherwise enter your pool. But unlike winter covers, mesh covers allow water and snow to drain through, thanks to their tightly woven fibers. This eliminates the need to drain, makes cleanup easier, and reduces stress on the cover, prolonging its lifespan.

There are many companies such as Pool Enclosures, Retractable Roofs & Automatic Pool Covers that provide the best-rated products and services online.

  • Solid Safety Pool Covers

Solid safety pool covers share many similarities with mesh covers, except for one major difference. Solid safety covers are made from a non-permeable vinyl material, and still have most of the same qualities as mesh covers.

But since the material is non-permeable, water and snow can’t pass through it. So instead, it collects on top. For this reason, most solid safety covers include a submersible pump. The pump sits at the center of the cover and automatically drains out water.

These are some of the main types of pool covers available in the market. A pool cover is also a great option if you don’t like cleaning your pool or hiring someone to do it. And if you don’t get super hot summers, you may enjoy the extra warmth an automatic pool cover can provide.