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Everything You Need to Know About Ecommerce Product Photography

In recent years, product photography has improved significantly. Your product images become more important as eCommerce grows.

What is product photography?

Any image that shows a product for sale is called product photography. These images, also known as commercial product photography, are meant to entice shoppers to purchase the photographed products. These images include product information and features as well as product descriptions and supplemental copy. This is done to give potential buyers an accurate impression of the product.

ecommerce product photography

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Different types of product photography

Background in white

The background photos that you will see on eCommerce platforms are white. These are also known as individual product photos. This is the most popular product prototype. We found 95% of the top fashion brands' product photos had white backgrounds.


Contextual photos show products in action. These photos are great because they allow shoppers to see the product in action.

Scale shots

Scale shots are photos of products that provide a reference frame so people can visualize how large the product is. Although product dimensions and product specifications are very descriptive, shoppers sometimes need images to compare the size of common items.


Detail shots of products show details that aren’t always visible in standard product photos. This is especially true when you move up to the luxury category.


Multiple items are shown in group product shots. These products are usually related in some manner. These products might be bundled together for a promotion or featured in the same product.