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Why Do People Use Statues?

Statues have always been symbolizing something. Even if we are speaking about the statues which can be found in a park, or those which are in a museum, or in our house or garden, or those from a church or a cemetery. We can say that stone statues (also known as estatua de piedra in the Spanish language) are the embodiment of beauty!

In the past, people used statues as decorative elements. For their garden, as architectural elements for their buildings and all the statues that they used was a symbol of beauty, of wisdom of industriousness. Nowadays people use statues to decorate their homes, their gardens. They offer them as gifts, but few of these people know what each statue symbolizes.

People buy statues for their garden or for their house in order to make them look better, to make them look more elegant and sophisticated. Many people choose classical statues for their garden. Angel statues have always been chosen by most people because they are considered to be the guardians of one's home.

Many people have angel statues at home or in their garden and many people offer angel statues as gifts to the people they love, in order to protect them and to guide them in life.