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Pallets – Not As Simple As You Think

Most people have seen the palette, or are aware of it. They have been used for decades in the logistics industry to move goods and raw materials around the world and although they are something you put on top of other things, there is more than doubt to them. 

A wooden export pallets is made by joining together pieces of wood to form what appears to be a rectangular-shaped platform, which is used by forklifts as the primary function of moving goods into storage or on a truck for onward transport. It is surprising to know that there is a whole nomenclature that deals with pallets and covers various aspects of the construction and configuration of a pallet.

For example, the top surface of the pallet is known as the deck, which is made up of wooden (deck board) slats and the distance between the slats is known as the deck spacing. It could be argued that it's just as interesting to watch the paint dry, but, if the wooden slats aren't the right thickness or the spacing to the deck is too wide, the pallet may not be strong enough for that load. which is necessary to take it.

 Another esoteric term used in the pallet world is a carrier, the piece of wood that supports the deck and provides clearance for forklift entry. The height and thickness of the bearer vary according to the duty required of the pallet.

So it goes with the parts of a pallet, some can be mounted on a block with wide deck space for lighter loads and some deck boards may have no space between the slats to give a solid foundation. Transportation and storage costs are an important factor in the balance sheet of any business and require the pallet to be sized appropriately for the goods it carries.

It would not be prudent to use heavy, and therefore expensive, pallets to carry lighter loads and it would be inappropriate to use an insufficient pallet to carry equally heavy cargo.


All About Pallet Effectiveness

Pallets are widely used throughout many countries world wide. Pallets are slowly overtaking barrels, kegs, boxes and crates due to the simple structure and effectiveness of a safe transportation method. A pallet is a flat stable structure which allows for the transportation of goods. Pallets are made of many materials such as wood, metal and plastic.

The flat structure of the pallet allows goods to be transported in an easy and effective manor. Due to the increase in transportation of goods the pallet has become more popular, which has increased the demand. This article will look at uses for pallets and the differences between plastic and wooden pallets.

Custom hand built pallets are continually being transported and re-used worldwide as pallets can make handling and the transportation of products easy. Whether they are used to transport food, materials, clothes or technology pallets can help compact products together to increase safety, reduce the amount of space taken up by products and help to prevent damage during transportation. Not only are they useful for transportation but maneuvering products around can be made easier with pallets to.

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Pallets are designed with a gap between the bottom and the top of the pallet. This helps to insert forklift spikes, which will then lift the pallet and goods and transfer them from one place to another. Pallets are therefore useful in warehouses and supermarkets, where a large quantity of goods may be transported at any one time. Not only does this help save time but pallets can also help reduce injury or risk of injury in a workplace, as staff are not required to lift heavy products.

When deciding on a specific pallet to use you must take into account the effectiveness of both the material and the design. Pallets come in different shapes and sizes which indicates that each pallet has been designed for a different use.