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Know About Custom Instagram Stickers

Instagram stickers are the dynamics graphics that can be added to video stories and images.  Some are clickable, some allow users to interact directly with stories and some are clickable also. Custom instagram stickers make your stories more interesting, and help you to increase your customer engagement.

Stickers can be found when you click a picture and upload it, at the upper right corner by tapping on the instagram there is an editing option form there you can choose the type of sticker which goes well with your picture. You can also look for detailed information regarding Custom Instagram Stickers via online. 

Once you have selected a sticker, you can post it on your story, and there is also an option of dragging it where you want to keep it or there is also an option of resize it.  

Here is the list of essential types of Instagram Stickers

While there are some stickers that directly contribute to your marketing goals and others help to make your stories more fun. There are so many options from which you can choose from, but the following stickers are especially relevant to marketing:

Question stickers:  These are the type of stickers which let you get feedback, responses and ideas  from your audience with and open ended questions. People can directly answer to your stories as a follow us post.

Mention stickers: By using mention stickers, you can tag other users in your stories. When someone tap to the tagging text sticker, they’ll be taken to the tagged user’s profile. You can also choose the style of your caption accordingly for a similar but more subtle effect.

Poll stickers:  You can also ask users a question, and give them two answers to choose from. There is a by default option you can ask “yes or no” question, or you can change the responses to create your own.

GIF stickers:  GIF stickers are GIPHY graphics that you can add to the stories. They are not just fun, but you can add animated calls to action to your stories.