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Tag: copper drinking cups

How to Choose a Copper Mug for a Cold and Refreshing Drink

If you love your Moscow Mule, you probably know that a copper mug can hold your favorite ice cream drink. The question is how you can choose the right copper mug for you from countless online retailers. If all you want is to buy the best copper mugs, there are a few things to consider before buying.

1) Buy from reputable websites with customer reviews

As simple as it sounds, you should always buy from a reputable website with honest customer reviews. Why? This gives you an overview of the items you want to order. Plus, you can rest assured that your copper mug will arrive on time. You can also buy a premium pure copper cup/tumbler (set of 2) through various online sources.

2) Learn the craftsmanship and materials

Another important point to consider when buying copper mugs online is the quality of the item. High-quality copper mugs are 100% handcrafted by skilled craftsmen. Many sellers may claim that their copper mugs are made of pure copper, but contain nickel, lead, or other metals. The high-quality copper cup is made of at least 22 gauge 100% pure copper sheet and contains no metallic fillings or coatings.

Another important indicator of a high-quality copper mug is the handle. Make sure the copper cups you buy have welded joints, not rivets. Glued joints are a breeding ground for bacteria and break easily. Welded joints are safer.

Lastly, high-quality copper cups should be given food-safe paint so they don't darken too quickly.