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Why You Should Install a Colorbond Roof in Melbourne

Planning to use Colorbond Roof Materials for your home or for roof replacement using Colorbond?

In this post, we talk about everything about ‘Colorbond’ including why should you choose colorbond roof. If you want to install colorbond roofing in Melbourne refer to

colorbond roofing
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Why install a Colorbond Roof

  • Architectural Design

Designers looking to create a modern appearance or who want a roofing material that can be used in situations where the traditional tile can’t choose to use colorbond.

It is also popular with renovators looking for a way to brighten and change the colour scheme of their home. Transforming a dull brown tile roof into a brightly coloured colorbond one can make a huge difference to the house’s appearance. It is lightweight and flexible.

Rest assured that your Colorbond roofing would perfectly suit your home, no matter what style is has. Aside from that, you can also shape and mould your metal roofing, and make it more personalized, depending on your taste.

  • Climate

Colorbond is made from steel with a baked-on coloured surface which stops the steel from rusting and enhances the whole home. Steel is a strong material, yet it is light compared to some other roofing materials.  It has been made specially for Australian conditions that can be baking hot during the day and frosty cold at night. In Brisbane, it’s great with summer temperatures soaring beyond 35 degrees.

  • Environmentally Friendly

Colorbond outperforms most roofing material available in the market today. Their company is aware that most people, especially those who live in Brisbane, are very conscious about their energy consumption. That’s the reason why this product was made in order to help the homeowners save up to 7x of their energy cost.

When properly insulated, colorbond is quite thermally efficient, helping your house to stay cooler in summer and warmer in winter. The insulation can also help to reduce noise caused by rain falling on the roof.

Five of the light colours in the Colorbond Steel range qualify as solar reflective, which means that they provide an energy-efficient roof.  Colorbond Steel is made from recycled steel and is itself 100% recyclable. It’s lightweight, so costs less to transport to sites, and its durability helps to conserve the planet’s resources and energy.