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Tag: CNG Fitment Center

Choose Your CNG Kit Wisely

Use of CNG kit in your vehicle not only helps you to save your fuel cost, but also prevents pollution from growing in the air. A few times ago, there are few automotive companies available in the market who used to make such vehicles where a CNG kit would be installed, but later as the use of CNG increased, usage of CNG Kits raised  to a large Scale. 

Nowadays, the increasing prices of petrol and diesel also make it quite difficult for the people to use them in their vehicles. So, most of the people switch their cars from petrol to CNG. There are two types of CNG kit available in the market that you can install in your car such as:

  1. Venturi CNG Kit– In this CNG kit the gas is moved directly in the car engine whether the car runs with a carburetor or on fuel injection. Additionally, your car also does not certainly require having an Electronic Control Unit.
  2. Sequential CNG: – The Sequential CNG kit moves the gas in an accurate manner than that of the Venturi Kits. In this kit, the flow of gas in the engine is controlled electronically with the help of an ECU. The Sequential CNG kit improves the fuel efficiency as well as the mileage of the car thereby adding more life to the health of the engine.

It is recommended to decide in advance which kit you want to install in your car, so that in future you do not face any type of problems. You can visit CNG Fitment Center in your area and install a CNG kit in your car.