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Tag: Chronic Disease Management clinic

Find a Charlotte’s Qualified Doctor to Cure Your Chronic Pain

You may be one of many people suffering from chronic pain. Now you need to know how to find the best doctor to treat you. Although you can search online for doctors in your area, the name and address of these doctors will not tell you how knowledgeable they are. Here are some tips to help you choose the right chronic disease management specialist in Charlotte for you.

1. Hospitals employ the best doctors and medical staff.

A good place to start when looking for a doctor is in your own neighborhood. It's easy to find a local doctor who is qualified and experienced in performing procedures. A physician affiliated with your local hospital has to constantly keep their credentials up-to-date, and is required to keep excellent medical records. Generally, the hospital and fellow doctors hold these physicians in high regard.

2. The AMA and State Boards maintain credential records.

Even after obtaining a referral of an experienced physician at the local hospital, it might be help full to contact the American Medical Association or your state medical licensing agency. Both organizations maintain accurate records on the credentials of all physicians licensed to work in your state. Their records may indicate an excessive amount of disciplinary actions or malpractice cases involving the physician.

3. Use the Internet to review the physician's credentials.

Many medical and physician websites and online forums allow patients to make individual ratings or write lengthy reviews of the physicians and other healthcare professionals who have provided care for them. Some of their reviews, comments, and ratings will provide you with an intimate and intensive look at exactly how well a physician actually performs their duties, along with any negative comments.