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Recover Hammer Toe Foot Problem With Best Treatments in Baltimore

Hammertoe referred to as mallet-toe or claw-toe can be just a disorder by which a couple of toes are flexed and upraised at the center. This causes pain and distress while walking and affects the overall look of the posture.

If not treated promptly, the status may get acute, requiring expensive surgery followed closely by a very long treatment interval. You can treat your hammertoe problem from Family Podiatrist in Baltimore, MD or Diabetic Foot Care Services accordingly.


Common causes:

  • Incorrect footwear: Pointed shoes and high heeled shoes in women would be the most popular con. 

  • Upheaval: An injury in which the toe rests with is jammed with, a tough thing can permit one to crack the toe, or develop a hammertoe.

  • Tasks that make imbalance: Professional or leisure tasks that induce one to walk on tiptoe, sit-stand, or walk-in an unnatural manner can squeeze the feet in odd ways, developing a hammertoe as time passes.


  • Remedy: You'll soon be asked to carry out simple exercises that use simple equipment. Gradually, the muscles, tendons, and ligaments all begin attaching themselves to their own natural and original location.

  • Foot-aids: Your physician can prescribe shoe-inserts, corn-pads, and foot straps to ease the pain and induce proper movement of their feet.

  • Medicine: Your physician can prescribe painkillers and drugs to deal with the illness and soreness at the feet, until undertaking therapy or operation.

Consult with a trusted doctor in Baltimore if anyone suffers from a hammertoe. This kind of pro can diagnose the illness attentively and prescribe the ideal path of treatment for the best results.