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Tag: Anxiety Remedies

Controlling Your Anxiety – Putting Your Mind to Work in Reverse

Anxiety can suck life – even if it is only temporary. For those who experience anxiety fulltime, however, can have a very detrimental affect on your health and your life. You can control your anxiety, however, to put your mind to work – in reverse. Mindfulness training can be quite helpful in such situation.

Identify what causes anxiety. Often only identify the cause of your anxiety cure it. At least, it is the first step to controlling it. Are there situations at home, work or school causes stress? Are there any medical conditions that you are worried about? Do you have an argument with a friend or loved one? Are you worried about your financial situation? There are many things that can cause stress, which often leads to anxiety.

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Is there a resolution to cause anxiety? Once you find what is causing your anxiety, determine if there is anything you can do to remedy that particular situation. If there is, take action to resolve this problem. At least, make a list of resolutions possible. When we begin to act to solve our problems, we almost instantly feel better.

If there is nothing you can do to fix the problem that caused your anxiety – the situation is really out of your control – to realize one thing. The only thing you have absolute control over is yourself. If there is nothing you can do about the situation, just stop worrying about it.

Acknowledging the situation, recognize stress and anxiety cause you, and finally, recognize the fact that it is out of your control, and whatever the outcome of this situation is, the result of which you will have to live with. Because the only thing you really control is yourself, determine how you want to live your life, and how you want to feel, and then make it happen.