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Tag: Anal Fissures Treatment

Understanding and Treating Anal Fissures in the Correct Way

Understanding what an anal fissure is before you can treat it. The rectal fissure, medically speaking, is a tear in a bowel lining or lower rectum. It causes pain during bowel movements. 

There are home remedies that can be used to treat acute anal fissures. However, if the problem is chronic or long-lasting, it may take longer than six weeks. To heal chronic cases completely, you might need to take medicine.

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Anal Fissure Symptoms, Causes, Treatment & Healing Time

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Home treatments can take between 4 and 6 weeks, depending on the treatment. Most pain during bowel movements is gone within days. How can you treat anal fissures at home? You can treat anal fissures at home by taking a "Sitz" or sitting in warm water for 20 mins twice daily. 

To have pain-free bowel movements, you can increase your fiber intake and use stool softeners and laxatives. Your doctor should be consulted before you start using laxatives. Rectal fissure can be treated with ointments or creams such as Preparation H, zinc oxide, and " anusol". 

Evidence shows that fiber and " sitz" baths are more effective than non-prescription creams for treating symptoms. It is important to not separate your buttocks as this can slow down the healing process. 

Avoid using toilet paper. Instead, use products that are less irritating to your rectal fissures such as baby wipes and medicated pads.

Home treatments may not always be the best option, especially if it is not healing after six weeks. Anal fissure conditions such as this are already chronic. They may require additional medication or treatment. For chronic fissures, medicine is usually first-line.