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Tag: adhesive magnetic strips

Different Kinds of Magnetic Material

It may come as a surprise, but the magnetic tape is very important for some of the items we use in everyday life. Just think about it. Those cabinets in your kitchen where you store silverware, plates, cups, and all the rest?

Different Kinds of Magnetic Tape

Adhesive Magnetic tape is the perfect way to label them. Framed photograph hanging in your home? The invisible magnetic tape makes them sturdy and anywhere without the need for nails or damaged walls. That the board presentation for your school project? Magnetic tape and label color can help you get that A.


In many ways, the possibilities are endless. But do you know the different types of magnetic tape? We will explain some below so you can find creative ways to use their own!

Adhesive Magnetic Tape

With magnetic tape, you can attach non-magnetic objects to anything. Recordings were made of neodymium or strontium ferrite equal parts visible and flexible. Product usually comes in rolls and can be easily separated with a knife or scissors.

Best use: Photo hanging, postcards, display board, school projects, refrigerator hanging, labeling cabinet, small appliance repair

Magnetic sheet

Magnetic sheets have a strong adhesive force that makes the product ideal for any type of presentation or lecture that requires the use of a board or other flat surface. Such as adhesive tape, magnetic sheets are made of neodymium or strontium ferrite magnets, come in all different colors and can be cut into any shape or size. Attach them to the metal surface!