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Speech Therapy – Importance Of Direct Interaction For Language Development

Mar 12, 2020 Health and Fitness

We survive in a firm-paced society. Today families are continually on the progress with sports practices, playgroups, activities of the school, and other consignments.

Even if a family is at the house, there is usually a frenzied requirement to find some consecutive time to perform the everyday jobs that keep a family functioning.  For more information about the best speech therapy at home visit

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Over the past decade, origins have become more addicted to media as a way to keep kids occupied while cooking grains, paying the bills, doing laundry or having some personal downtime. While a little tv may be harmless, there is a relationship between school production and heavy media practice (Helen J. Watt).

Research has not yet established a cause and effect relationship, but it is important to consider that family media use patterns may impact cognitive development or at least educational success.

Television, movies, and videos are passive, in that a child cannot interact with a program. Interaction is important for language development.

Also, according to the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), infant vocabulary growth is directly related to the amount of "talk time" or the number of times parents spend speaking with them (Brookes;1995, Meaningful Differences in the Everyday Experiences of Young American Children).

The AAP Media Education Policy Statement (August 1999) states "research on early brain construction shows that infants and toddlers have a critical requirement for direct communications with parents and other significant caregivers for heath brain growth and the advancement of appropriate emotional, social,  and cognitive skills".

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