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Restoring Your Health through Mindful Eating

Now the holiday and the nuisance are behind you if you start thinking about how to restore or maintain your healthy eating habits and overall health? The holiday season can be stressful and cause you to book your priorities badly. Instead of maintaining the health and well-being at the top of your list, if it falls when you planned parties and shopping for gifts?

Here are few steps to get you started on the road to eat consciously:

Restoring Your Health through Mindful Eating

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Tune into the physical characteristics of foods – Tuning into the physical characteristics of food involves using three senses: smell, taste, and sight. With the smell, you take in the flavor of food. 

Flavor; make notes about how it feels in your mouth, and if it meets your tastes. Notice how it feels in your mouth and if you enjoy the texture. With her eyes, how does it look? Does it appeal to you? Use your mind's eye to imagine seeing yourself enjoying what you eat.

Tune into repetitive habits and the process of eating – Notice your daily eating patterns. Consider what time of day you eat and what you are doing activities that may be eaten without thinking.

Tune to trigger eating sloppy – There are certain habits, activities, places, emotions and people that can trigger your eating habits and cause you to eat when you are not even aware of it. Look in at the physical triggers, emotions, and environment.

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