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Reasons to Use a DJ for a Wedding

1. Most professional DJ will assist in organizing your event and create a timeline.

2. They keep the event running smoothly from the introduction, for the last dance.

3. A good DJ will coordinate with the caterer to make sure filled glasses to toast you.

4. They can coordinate dinner if it is a buffet.

5. DJ will gather the announcement of the Bridal Party.

6. They coordinate the first dance, father, and son's mother-daughter dance.

7. DJ will collect certain events like the bouquet and garter toss.

8. DJ, you will assist in the cutting of the cake if no one comes to help you.

9. A good DJ will get the party you go and play the best to keep people on the dance floor.

10. A professional DJ will set out later if you plan to have a sendoff for your event.

Hopefully, this top ten list will help in planning for your wedding or party. This is one area I would not recommend to go with the most expensive DJ's. Also, beware of, professionals in the industry have heard many horror stories about how a Craigslist DJ ruined their marriage and just happened to be off of certain sites where they are employed. If you are looking for DJ in Detroit then you a browse

Be sure to always get a good professional reference of the location, another bride, ask for their references and see if they have a video of themselves in action. Most companies DJ may not have the video so you can see them in action, but if they do it is an added bonus.

Also, when deciding that the perfect person for your wedding make sure they have backup equipment. There are a lot of DJs out there who will try and sell the most expensive sound equipment but do not have any back up in case something happens at the event, such as re-amps, speakers, mixers, and most importantly laptops or music on a CD.

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