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Planning a Weekend of Wedding Events

Wedding days have been replaced by wedding weekends, which include a comprehensive program of activities. Some are fairly standard (rehearsal dinner) while others are definitely popular but optional (golf tournament). This is a guide to getting started with planning your wedding weekend.

For weddings on Saturday, the wedding weekend is expected to start on Thursday. This is the perfect time for the bride to host a ladies' lunch, a lunch she gives to show her gratitude to her bridesmaids. 

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The guest list at the event was minimal: brides, bridesmaids, florists, and the mother of the bride. At lunch, the bride gives pearl earrings or other gifts she has chosen for her bridesmaids. Women's lunches are usually held in good restaurants because the last thing a bride has to do on her wedding week is to cook at home and organize the party!

The first party on the wedding weekend is a rehearsal dinner the night before the main event, but many couples now opt for an informal Thursday night gathering. They are generally quite free, and all wedding guests already in town are welcome to attend. 

Peaceful nights like BBQ and grilled scallops are perfect for a Thursday night party. If you're not ready to arrange, just book a private room in the family-style restaurant and spread the word that everyone is welcome to join the bride and groom for dinner.

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