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Looking For Bed Bug Infestations?

Over the last few years bed bug infestations have become something of a nuisance right across the country. These blood sucking pests have invaded shops, businesses, hospitals, public transport and our homes.

No matter where you suspect the infestation, procedure is basically the same:

1. When checking into a hotel thoroughly check the room before you unpack. Visually inspect the mattress, base of the head board and so on. Pay particular attention around buttons, labels, handles, seams and creases in the fabric.

2. Keep all luggage including handbags, purses and laptops off the floor and the bed – use the luggage stand provided. (If you are in a hotel.)

3. If you have any reason at all to suspect the presence of bed bugs anywhere inform the management immediately. If you are in a hotel do not accept another room – bed bugs can travel from room to room with relative ease.

bed bug duster

4. Carefully inspect all furniture and closets inside and out, not forgetting the more obscure places like picture frames and light switches.

5. Always thoroughly check all you belongings before leaving. This will hopefully prevent unwanted guests arriving home with you.

6. If you do discover vampire friends in clothing etc. don't panic! Launder all bedding, clothing etc. at high temperatures and tumble dry.

7. Vacuum everything thoroughly then repeat the process using a steam cleaner.

8. Apply bed bug dust or a non toxic bed bug spray.

9. Stay vigilant and repeat the above as necessary.

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